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Mouth Guards and Snoring Appliances

Mouth Guards and Snoring Appliances in Winnipeg

Many of our Winnipeg patients come to us for custom-made mouthguards to help them protect their teeth or to prevent them from snoring. The most common types of mouth guards are used to help patients protect their teeth during sports, at night to protect the grinding of teeth or to reposition the jaw to prevent snoring.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouthguards aid in the prevention of sports-related injury in both males and females. In sports like basketball, hockey or football, mouthguards can prevent serious damage to the teeth caused by trauma. In fact, some orofacial injuries can end up costing patients as much as $10,000 to $15,000 per tooth. Other serious issues like concussions have also been prevented from mouth guards and many professional and amateur athletes swear by them.

In addition to helping prevent sports-related injuries to the mouth, a properly fitted mouth guard created by Dr. Rykiss will be designed to be comfortable, odorless, tasteless, not bulky, and create minimal interference when speaking and breathing.

Night Guards

People who grind their teeth at night are said to be affected by bruxism. Bruxism can happen during the day but can often pose a larger threat at night while you are sleeping. Continued grinding of the teeth can result in damage to the enamel as well as jaw pain, gum irritation and the wearing down of teeth.

A custom-made night mouth guard, or more simply called a night guard, is similar to a sports guard as it prevents a barrier between your top and bottom teeth. These night guards are worn each night and are designed with maximum comfort in mind to allow for proper breathing.

Snoring Prevention through Mouth Guards

Snoring can often be prevented through the use of mouth guards. These anti-snoring appliances are used to reposition the jaw so that the tongue cannot slip back into the throat and restrict the air passage. These snore guards are professionally fit to your mouth and are a proven way to eliminate airway obstruction that is associated with snoring.

Custom Mouth Guards in Winnipeg

For patients who are looking for the ultimate in comfort and safety, a dentist-fitted mouth guard is the best option. Sporting goods stores often provide stock mouth protectors and boil and bite mouth guards but these can be bulky, make breathing difficult, and provide limited protection. Custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to your individual specifications and are created by taking an impression of your teeth.

These dentist-specific mouthguards can be created for athletes, people who grind their teeth or people who suffer from snoring.

To learn more about our custom-made mouthguards contact Linden Market Dental Centre today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Rykiss.