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Dentures in Winnipeg

Full and Partial Dentures

Modern dentures from Linden Market Dental Centre are a vast improvement over the inconvenient and ill-fitting dentures of the past. Many of Dr. Rykiss’ dentures patients comment that they have never had a better-fitting pair of dentures, which means more ease when speaking and chewing, as well as a natural-looking smile that will stay fresh and bright for years to come with proper maintenance.

Dr. Rykiss and his team offer both full and partial dentures, so our Winnipeg-area patients can find the right restorative dentistry solution to suit their needs.

What’s the Difference between Full and Partial Dentures?

The major difference between full and partial dentures is that full dentures are used for patients who are missing all of their teeth and partial dentures are used for patients who are only missing some of their teeth. Conventional, full dentures are comprised of a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over your gums and covers the roof of the mouth. The lower denture is shaped more like the letter “U” to provide more comfort for the tongue.

A partial denture consists of replacement teeth that are kept in place by a framework that holds the partial in place. These are used for patients who have one or more natural teeth and can be used on either the top or bottom of the mouth.

Denture Alternatives

Although many of our patients enjoy the fit and quality that Dr. Rykiss delivers for his custom-made full and partial dentures, there are other options for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement option and are a viable alternative to dentures because of their resemblance to natural teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone to simulate a tooth’s root. These types of restorations are also beneficial because they do not require adhesive and there is no worry about denture “slippage.”

dental bridge can also work for patients who have existing teeth and who are eligible to have crowns attached to surrounding teeth so that the restoration can “bridge” the gap between the teeth.

A consultation with Dr. Rykiss will help you to determine what your tooth replacement options are and your candidacy for each.

Caring for Dentures

Dentures require wearers to practice a certain degree of dental hygiene so that they do not accumulate food particles and plaque. To practice good oral hygiene and to keep your dentures clean, consider taking the following steps to maintain optimal health:

  1. Before brushing, rinse dentures off to remove loose food or debris
  2. Gently brush the surface of your dentures to remove additional food byproducts
  3. Store dentures as instructed by our office
  4. Only use approved adhesives and cleaning agents approved by Dr. Rykiss

Replacing Dentures in Winnipeg

If you have old, damaged or worn dentures that no longer fit you the way they once did come by our office for a free consultation. We will explore your options and help you to restore your smile with a new set or introduce you to modern tooth replacement options.

Contact Linden Market Dental Centre today to learn more about dentures or to schedule your consultation.